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⠑ - Translingual

A character of the braille script, standardized internationally as the letter e and the digit 5.


  1. (Braille) e
  2. (Braille, in the context of the capital sign ) Upper-case E
  3. (Greek Braille) ε (e)
  4. (Yugoslav Braille) e / е
  5. (Russian Braille) е (e) [= ye]
  6. (Tibetan Braille) (-e)
  7. (Chinese Braille) The rime ye/-ie
  8. (Chinese Two-Cell Braille) The onset ji- or the rime -èng (-ìng, -òng)
  9. (Taiwan Braille) The onset s or x, depending on the rime
  10. (Cantonese Braille) The rime e
  11. (Thai Braille) The vowel ัว ua
  12. (Korean Braille) Initial (m)
  13. (Japanese Braille) (ra)


  1. (Braille, in the context of the number sign ) The digit 5


  1. (English Braille) every

⠑ - Japanese


(romaji ra)

  1. The hiragana syllable (ra) or the katakana syllable (ra) in Japanese braille.
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