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ℶ - Translingual


(English symbol name beth)

  1. (set theory) Symbol for the cardinality of an infinite set in a iterative hierarchy of power sets, starting with ℵ₀. Usually indexed by an ordinal number.
    • 0 = 0 {\displaystyle \beth _{0}=\aleph _{0}} , α + 1 = 2 α , {\displaystyle \beth _{\alpha +1}=2^{\beth _{\alpha }},} and λ = sup { α : α < λ } {\displaystyle \beth _{\lambda }=\sup\{\beth _{\alpha }:\alpha <\lambda \}} for a limit ordinal λ.

Usage notes

Unicode has two code points for the Hebrew letter beth. For Hebrew text, ב should be used. This character should be used for the mathematical symbol since it retains the left-to-right orientation of the text.

Meaning and Definition of ℶ
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