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  1. The 37th letter and 29th consonant of the Tai Tham Pali alphabet. In Pali it represents the voiced, labiodental fricative (or approximant) consonant /v/.

ᩅ - Pali

Alternative forms

  • va (Latin script)
  • 𑀯 (Brahmi script)
  • (Devanagari script)
  • (Bengali script)
  • (Sinhalese script)
  • (Burmese script)
  • or วะ (Thai script)
  • or ວະ (Lao script)
  • (Khmer script)
  • iva (Latin script)
  • 𑀇𑀯 (Brahmi script)
  • इव (Devanagari script)
  • ইৰ (Bengali script)
  • ඉව (Sinhalese script)
  • ဣဝ or ဢိဝ (Burmese script)
  • อิว or อิวะ (Thai script)
  • ᩍᩅ (Tai Tham script)
  • ອິວ or ອິວະ (Lao script)
  • ឥវ (Khmer script)


  1. Tai Tham script form of va (like, as if)
Meaning and Definition of ᩅ
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