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از - Persian

Alternative forms

  • ز (ze) (literary, dialectal)


  • (Classical Persian): IPA: /az/
  • (Dari): IPA: /az/
  • (Iranian Persian): IPA: /æz/
  • (Tajik): IPA: /az/


از (az)

  1. of, from
    • از او پرسیدم اگر می‌خواهد به ایران برود. (more literary)
      • az u porsidam agar mi-xâhad be irân be-ravad.
    • ازش پرسیدم اگه‎ می‌خواد به ایران بره. (more colloquial)
      • az-aš porsidam age mi-xâd be irân be-re.
      • I asked of him if he wanted to go to Iran.
  2. since
    • از کی تا حالا؟Az kéy tâ hâlâ?Since when?
  3. than
    • این کتاب از آن کتاب بهتر است. (more literary)
      • in ketâb az ân ketâb behtar ast.
    • این کتاب از اون کتاب بهتره. (more colloquial)
      • in ketâb az un ketâb behtar-e.
      • This book is better than that one.

Usage notes

In standard and colloquial modern Persian (more so in colloquial Persian), the preposition is used with an enclitic pronoun when a pronoun is the object of the sentence. For instance, the phrase “از او پرسیدم” (az u porsidam, lit. “from him (I) asked”) becomes “ازش پرسیدم” (az-aš porsidam) when using the enclitic third-person singular pronoun.

از - Urdu


  • (Standard Urdu) IPA: /əz/


از (az) (Hindi spelling अज़)

  1. from, by
    • Synonym: سے (se)
Meaning and Definition of از
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