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ւ - Armenian


  • (Eastern Armenian, standard) IPA: [və]
  • (Western Armenian, standard) IPA: [və]



ւ lowercase (uppercase Ւ)

  1. The 34th letter of Armenian alphabet, called վյուն (vyun) or հյուն (hyun). Transliterated as w. Represents:
    • voiced labiodental fricative: [v] in Eastern and Western Armenian
    • labiovelar approximant: [w] in Armenian dialectology
    • Formerly, near-front near-close rounded vowel: [ʏ] in Armenian dialectology and dialectal orthography

Usage notes

After the Spelling reform of the Armenian language during the Soviet era (1922—1924) this letter has been replaced by վ (v), surviving only as a component of letters ու (u) and եւ (ew). However, the reform was not accepted by the Armenian diaspora outside the USSR which continues using ւ according to Traditional Armenian orthography.

Meaning and Definition of ւ
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