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ǵ - Translingual


ǵ (upper case Ǵ)

  1. The letter g with an acute accent.

ǵ - Slovene


  • Sound
North Pohorje–Remšnik dialect
Mežica dialect
Jaun Valley dialect
Ebriach dialect
Rosen Valley dialect
Gail Valley dialect
Resian dialect (generally): IPA: /ɟ/, SNPT: /ʒ́/
Soča dialect
Torre Valley dialect
Natisone Valley dialect
Brda dialect
Karst dialect
Istrian dialect
Inner carniolan dialect
Tolmin dialect
Cerkno dialect
Poljane dialect
Škofja Loka dialect
Črni Vrh dialect
Horjul dialect
Upper Carniolan dialect
Selca dialect
Lower Carniolan dialect
North White Carniolan dialect
South White Carniolan dialect
Čabranka dialect
Kostel dialect
Mixed Kočevje subdialects
Central Savinja dialect
Upper Savinja dialect
Central Styrian dialect
South Pohorje dialect
Kozje–Bizeljsko dialect
Lower Sava Valley dialect
Prekmurje dialect
Slovenian Hills dialect
Prlekija dialect
Haloze dialect


ǵ (lower case, upper case Ǵ)

  1. The thirteenth letter of the Resian alphabet, written in the Latin script.
Meaning and Definition of ǵ
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